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We are an IT company specialized in software development. Since 2006, our team has been following some of the best trends in global business development, programming techniques and work environment improvements, as well as developing our own. Everyone's opinion matters and we welcome people which are strong-minded and persistent with a desire to learn, share and discuss their vision for our business.

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Our Values

Speed of scanning and the art of well structured data



If it's on the internet - we can process it, regardless the location in the globe or what protections against scanning it has.



We can scan anything every single second and push you the result instantly - processing huge and dynamically changing data is our speciality.



Our parsers can scan specific parts of any website according to your individual conditions and needs.

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The idea behind the scenes

If you need to collect the latest big or small data from any website quickly, you can use our expertly crafted framework.

Huge scale

From collecting and comparing non-dynamic information like all airplane ticket prices for your desired destination or all media news for your most favourite politician to very large and fast changing data like forex market movement or bookmaker odds - we've got it all covered.

Custom solutions

We understand the complexity of each business, so we provide custom solutions according to your needs. You simply have to describe WHERE the data is located, WHICH data you are interested in and WHAT scanning frequency you would prefer and our team will breathe life to your idea.

Each business has a number of developers and use cases. Don't let the data dictate the shape of your project - let us custom tailor it for you.


Our parsers could SEND / PUSH you directly the scanned information or we could collect and organize it in our own database from where you could GET / PULL only what you need.

You can choose the format and the delivery method of the data. Here are some examples:



Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets

Push / Pull API


OddStorm Comapny Features


Our most popular in-house built public products


OddStorm is a Web and Desktop application for delivering sport arbitrages. It's the oldest arbitrage software on the market, operating privately since 2004 and publicly since 2006.



ArbMate combines a Web application with a browser extension for a highly customized arbing experience. It launched on the 1st of July, 2018.



OddsFeed is an Odds API provider service for different sports and has been on the market since 2016.


Arbitrage Guides

Arbitrage Guides provides online courses on everything you need to know about sports arbitrage betting.



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Chavdar Kopoev

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Ivaylo Georgiev

Chief Technology Officer
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Lydmila Peneva

Chief Account Manager


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